Love Hot Rods? Prepare for a Challange!

It takes a special kind of person to love and appreciate hot rods. The definition of hot rods is very strict and not everything that was fitted with a large engine falls into the category. If you plan of getting into hot rods and build your own, you need to start with a car.

Hot rods are built from old American cars. You will need to limit your search to cars that were built before 1940. Most hot rods are built from old Ford cars like the model T.

Parts for these cars will be very scarce. While building one, there will be a lot of work around reconditioning the chassis. What goes under the hood is all custom.

To make the work easier, several parts manufacturers have adapted to the market and started making parts for hot rods. These parts are tailored specifically to replace original parts in old cars and support larger engines, larger brakes, and a new transmission.

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