Muscle Cars

Muscle cars were usually substantially larger in 1964, both in size and in terms of the firepower deployed under the hood. It all comes down to cramming a massive engine into a compact body and traveling fast in a straight line.

In the present day, things are a little more complicated than that. Almost all of the Muscle Car world’s traditional hopes have vanished or mutated into completely different vehicles, and some may say that the obnoxiously huge and heavy Dodge Challenge is now the only authentic to its root muscle car that is accessible today due to its emphasis on single direction acceleration because today’s muscle cars aren’t quite as little as they once were, it’s no wonder that they’re still referred to as “Muscle Cars” in v8.

It’s a contentious matter since some argue that the Dodge Challenger is not really a muscle car, while others argue that it is, and as such the word “muscle car” could refer to any automobile with a similar build.

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