Love Hot Rods? Prepare for a Challange!

It takes a special kind of person to love and appreciate hot rods. The definition of hot rods is very strict and not everything that was fitted with a large engine falls into the category. If you plan of getting into hot rods and build your own, you need to start with a car.

Hot rods are built from old American cars. You will need to limit your search to cars that were built before 1940. Most hot rods are built from old Ford cars like the model T.

Parts for these cars will be very scarce. While building one, there will be a lot of work around reconditioning the chassis. What goes under the hood is all custom.

To make the work easier, several parts manufacturers have adapted to the market and started making parts for hot rods. Read more »

3 Jeep Modifications That Are Worth Spending Money On

Jeeps are capable offroaders as they are. Regardless, there are ways to make them better by adding certain Jeep modifications. Some are more useful than others while most of them are simply cosmetic.

One of the most useful Jeep modifications is adding a roof rack. A roof rack offers considerably more functionality than roof rails. They offer improved support for cargo and anchoring points that can be used to secure items on the roof rack.

Another upgrade that is considered the most popular out of all Jeep modifications is aftermarket tires. Stock tires offer a good balance between offroad capabilities and a degree of comfort while on the road. A good set of aftermarket tires will offer improved comfort over rough terrain and they will be less likely to get punctures. Read more »

How To Maintain Welding Tools

Industrial tools and machinery need regular checks and maintenance in order to function for a longer period of time. And this is true for welding tools and equipment regardless of the type of welder it might be. Welding tools and equipment are costly and replacement parts can be hard to find in the event of damage and failure.

So, proper care and maintenance are essential to such tools. Here are some welding tools maintenance tips that you can do in order to ensure that your machinery will be working well when you need them and will stay with you longer.

First, follow instructional use of the machine in order to avoid damage due to misuse. Although it may seem obvious, it still requires to be said because many users do not follow it. Perform regular and schedule periodic maintenance on the machines and their parts for cleaning, oiling, and checks. Read more »

Considering a New Power Tool?

For projects around the house, power tools are essential. For cutting, sanding, and grinding, there are a variety of tools to choose from. Nevertheless, not all of these tools are necessary. If you are on a tight budget, you should only buy the most important tools. You will find a selection of power tools in a general home improvement store.

To determine what tools to buy, think about what kinds of projects you will be completing. For example, if you plan to work with wood, you will need circular saws, sanders, and drills. You’ll need a saw and grinder if you plan to work on metal.

Although you can purchase a wide variety of power tools, it is essential to make sure that you know how to use them. Starting with a hand tool and gradually moving up to a power tool may be a good idea. Read more »

Muscle Cars

Muscle cars were usually substantially larger in 1964, both in size and in terms of the firepower deployed under the hood. It all comes down to cramming a massive engine into a compact body and traveling fast in a straight line.

In the present day, things are a little more complicated than that. Almost all of the Muscle Car world’s traditional hopes have vanished or mutated into completely different vehicles, and some may say that the obnoxiously huge and heavy Dodge Challenge is now the only authentic to its root muscle car that is accessible today due to its emphasis on single direction acceleration because today’s muscle cars aren’t quite as little as they once were, it’s no wonder that they’re still referred to as “Muscle Cars” in v8. Read more »

Hot Rod History

A lot has been said regarding hot rod history. The hot rod was a modified version of a roadster that was borne before the end of World War II. The enthusiasm for custom cars is dated further back to World War I. In both the US and Europe, customization of cars with the well-heeled was more common.

The end of World War II and the beginning of the 1950s saw the creation of a conducive environment for the hot rod and its culture implementation. This took place in southern California. The name “hot rod” first emerged in southern California in the early 1940s. People would craze to run their impoverished cars on the large, non-filled dry lake beds of Los Angeles while adhering to the Southern California Timing Association rules. This idea garnered popularity to the rest of the world after World War II. Read more »

Jeep Off Road Tires

There are a lot of times that you can use for your jeep. Jeeps are meant for that off-road life, so finding the right tires are important. Tires provide traction for your vehicle so you must pick the right ones.

If you are off-roading it’s good to have tires that dirt and rocks can go under and not make the jeep slip and go off track. One of the best jeep tires for off-roading are Falken WildPeak tires. These tires have deep tread patterns and rigid tread blocks to help prevent stones from getting stuck in between. These tires are great for just about every terrain and surface, either wet or dry.

some other great tires include…

  • Goodyears.
  • Toyo Open Country.
  • Dick Cepek Extreme Country.

Read more »

Welcome to the Welding World

Welding is a profession that deals with melting and joining two or more metals, such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper alloys, and nickel-based alloy. Welders are skilled tradespeople who have the expertise to use welding equipment and materials to join metal pieces together in various positions.

Welding professionals may work on either end of the project – they might be responsible for assembling fixtures or they might be welding them together on site. Whatever their role, welders play an important part in creating quality structures from raw materials!

How do I get started with welding

To start welding, you will need the following supplies:

  • Welding gloves (to protect your hands)
  • Welding helmet (for protection from sparks and hot metal pieces)
  • A welding mask with a proper filter for fumes.
  • Welding rods

Welding safety precautions

Just like any other trade, welding comes with some safety precautions that you should be aware of.

Welding gloves are necessary for anyone who is in contact with the metal while it’s being heated up. Read more »

Hand Tools and Power Tools

Tools had played an important role in man’s progress since ancient times. They’re used in various aspects such as creating something, as a device to fix something, and as an implement to facilitate the completion of a task. In keeping with the times, tools likewise improved as man progressed. Today, tools are classified mainly into two, namely: hand tools and power tools. Examples of hand tools are wrenches, screwdrivers, saws, and pliers while rotary drills, circular saw, angle grinder, orbital sander are examples of power tools.

Although hand tools hadn’t lost their importance, power tools are the preferred choice of many particularly in construction and other fields due to the advantages they offer. First, power tools are able to perform complex tasks that hand tools couldn’t. Added to that, tasks can be finished with lesser effort and lesser time. Read more »

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