Hand Tools and Power Tools

Tools had played an important role in man’s progress since ancient times. They’re used in various aspects such as creating something, as a device to fix something, and as an implement to facilitate the completion of a task. In keeping with the times, tools likewise improved as man progressed. Today, tools are classified mainly into two, namely: hand tools and power tools. Examples of hand tools are wrenches, screwdrivers, saws, and pliers while rotary drills, circular saw, angle grinder, orbital sander are examples of power tools.

Although hand tools hadn’t lost their importance, power tools are the preferred choice of many particularly in construction and other fields due to the advantages they offer. First, power tools are able to perform complex tasks that hand tools couldn’t. Added to that, tasks can be finished with lesser effort and lesser time. Thus, workers are more efficient because their jobs are simplified.

So, clearly, it’s no wonder that power tools are very popular in whatever industry it might be.

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