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Love Hot Rods? Prepare for a Challange!

It takes a special kind of person to love and appreciate hot rods. The definition of hot rods is very strict and not everything that was fitted with a large engine falls into the category. If you plan of getting into hot rods and build your own, you need to start with a car. Hot […]

Muscle Cars

Muscle cars were usually substantially larger in 1964, both in size and in terms of the firepower deployed under the hood. It all comes down to cramming a massive engine into a compact body and traveling fast in a straight line. In the present day, things are a little more complicated than that. Almost all […]

Hot Rod History

A lot has been said regarding hot rod history. The hot rod was a modified version of a roadster that was borne before the end of World War II. The enthusiasm for custom cars is dated further back to World War I. In both the US and Europe, customization of cars with the well-heeled was […]

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